Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The California Coastal Commission will have a  hearing on April 16th, to possibly grant the State Parks appeal of the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors denial of their application to install 15 iron rangers (fee collecting devices) on the Sonoma Coast.  Iron Rangers are NOT THE ANSWER to State Park’s current fiscal deficit.   Please help show your support of our effort to fight the pay-to-park proposal which would reduce free parking for the public by 80% on the Sonoma Coast, limit access to safe beaches, and ask the residents and visitors to the Sonoma Coast to pay to park at non ADA compliant gravel parking lots without services. 

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Thursday, February 5, 2015


The wrong approach

EDITOR: “The parks system is burning through reserves and still faces a maintenance backlog of more than $1 billion” (“State parks report urges major changes,” Friday). Yet the solution is “revenue generation has to be optimized.”

This is a one-size-fits-all statement. Sonoma County has a unique situation in that most of our accessible coast is under the jurisdiction of the state Parks Department. Parking fees seem to be its only solution. This is short-sighted and would lead to more expenses. Infrastructure costs to upgrade the parking lots and install machines or toll booths would add budget pressure, further setting back needed maintenance.
Nobody wants to pay for access to what in theory we already own. People would park in any wide spot, neighborhood and even in dangerous places. Competition would erupt at desired locations with no fees, leading to tension with neighborhoods and individuals. Parking enforcement would follow. Solution: more officers with ticket books and guns. This is and has been a very expensive solution.

The public loves the coast. There have been many beach cleanups and access trail repairs done by volunteers just this past year. The state can get a lot done by using this goodwill. They will risk it by treating the people who love the coast as a cash cow.


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Agenda Items for February 5, 2015 Meeting
7:30 pm, Papas and Pollo, Sebastopol, CA
Welcome/ Opening Comments
• Announcements or agenda additions & changes
• Budget status (Spencer)
Iron Rangers Update
• Parks Forward Report final copy released Jan. 30th, recommends fundamental
changes at State Parks
• CCC is holding April 15 - 17 session in Marin County, agenda TBD
Brad Parker Memorial Fund
• Keep the Spirit Alive Auction underway, Feb. 2 – 11
o Bidding on eBay for 3 separate climbing/surf equipment packages
o Electronic payment to our bank account through PayPal Giving Fund
o Chapter check to BPMF after auction for proceeds minus admin fee
Gulf of the Farallones Sanctuary Expansion Update
• Publication of final rule delayed while “defining jurisdictional issues”
Promotional Ideas
• 2015 Surfrider Calendars are all sold
• Surfrider T-Shirts
o Quantity, cost, and projected profit
o White looks like it will work best with graphics
o Men’s M & L for men and women, men’s S for children?
o Long sleeves, short sleeves, colored sleeves?
Upcoming Events
• Surf Movie Night at BB Community Center
o Movie ideas
o Spring date TBD
• B-Rad Beach Clean-Up
o March date TBD
Open Discussion and Closing Comments
Next Meeting Thursday March 5, 2015, Same Time, Same Place

Friday, January 9, 2015

Minutes for December meeting

Minutes for December 4, 2014 Meeting
7:30 pm, Papas & Pollo, Sebastopol, CA

Welcome/Opening Comments
·      Present: Spencer, Jainee, Mike, Miles, Sarah
·      Budget status: $2,692.69
o   Expenditures:
§  $17.99 postage to mail calendars to photographers
§  $50 storage at Bodega Bay Community Center
§  $40 conference registration fees
o   Revenue:
§  $1,409 in calendar sales
·      +$91 in sales should be in the mail
·      Calendar notes:
o   Spencer left a calendar at Sonoma Coast Surf Shop
o   Seals Water Sports haven't sold any
o   B-RAD bought 20
o   Next year we should have calendars out by late summer
§  Surfrider HQ beat us with calendars
·      Spencer saw them but they are individually sealed so he wasn't able to look inside
·      Say they have tides, but for which location?
North Salmon Creek Access Trail Restoration
·      Nov 12th work day was a success, more weekend work days TBD
·      Photos are on Sonoma Coast Surfrider website and Facebook page
·      KRCB was present; the interview included background on the situation
·      Work done: brush removal, dirt compaction, gravel addition
·      Weekend days still TBD
·      There has been a delay because of a paperwork problem
Iron Rangers Update
·      State Parks Appeal California Coastal Commission date TBD
·      Spencer wants to analyze the Pacifica long term monitoring plan before sending it to Dean
·      Spencer is working on blacking out non-local and repeat signers before sending petitions to Ethan
Rise Above Plastics
·      Foam ban petition signatures will be presented at Dec. 17th SCWMA meeting
·      Sarah will speak during public comments
·      We don’t have too many signatures but we’ll present what we have and can send additional signatures later
·      Bodega Bay Coffee Shop bulletin board suggested as a place to hang the petition
Brad Parker Memorial Fund
·      B-Rad Foundation fundraiser by Circuit Climbing Gym in Portland, OR-eBay auction of climbing equipment
o   Their first big fundraiser
o   Trying to complete prep by Monday
o   Online auction 12/8-12/18
o   Fiscal sponsorship by a nonprofit until they obtain nonprofit status
o   Portland connection because Jainee lived there for 10 years
o   Patagonia donated climbing gear
o   Goal: a couple thousand dollars
o   Win/win for B-Rad and Sonoma Coast Surfrider
§  B-Rad would rather give a % to us than pay a fee to eBay
§  Concerns about using our tax ID (it’s like SSN for nonprofits) but Spencer will contact HQ to get ok
§  Officers approve our sponsorship of this event, pending HQ approval
o   Circuit Climbing Gym is putting together 3 packages:
1.     CA Package: 3 month membership to Vertex, 1 Patagonia jacket, 1 year subscription to Rock & Ice
2.     OR Package: 3 month membership to Circuit, 1 Patagonia jacket, 1 year subscription to Rock & Ice, signed Portland Boulder Rally poster
3.     Global Package: 1 Patagonia jacket, 1 year subscription to Rock & Ice

·      There is a desire for a large beach clean-up in Brad’s memory
o   6 month goal
o   Bring 100s of people to Salmon Creek Beach
o   Maybe a March clean-up
·      B-rad table dedication
o   Current bench being replaced with B-rad table
o   Build it onsite 12/13 at Annadel
Promotional Ideas
·      2015 Calendar (already discussed at start of meeting)
·      Surfrider t-shirts
o   Jainee offered to design artwork
§  And potentially help with our website
·      Perhaps a switch to wordpress
o   Through goat rock design was very popular a few years ago
Upcoming Events
·      Surf movie night
o   Still on hold; we’ll discuss at January meeting
·      Beach Clean-up
o   March clean-up with B-rad
§  3rd or 4th weekend looks best; will revisit dates and finalize in the future
·      Sonoma Coast Surfrider getaway weekend
o   Consider this for the future
o   A long weekend meeting could be beneficial for the chapter
Open Discussion and Closing Comments

Next Meeting Thursday January 8, 2015, Same Time, Same Place